Girls Leadership Academy (GLA) is a program for girls to learn to be leaders. GLA will be the first academy in Indonesia specifically for girls. GLA is supported by the Plan International Indonesia Foundation, which has been working to meet a fair world for children, especially girls. Through GLA, future women leaders will be born.

The GLA program has three main pillars, namely: Girls Power, Girls Unlimited, and Girls Speak Up. These three main pillars encourage girls to be themselves and be empowered, explore their potentials, and voice their voices to make changes for a better Indonesia.

The future is women! It is time for us to focus on equality for girls. All this time, girls in various regions in Indonesia have not received the same access and opportunities. Through GLA, girls will build equality and an inclusive environment for girls to build, work, and achieve their goals.

GLA is designed inclusive and friendly for girls. This program will be an open discussion space on various issues that are relevant for girls. Girls can express ideas openly, argue, give suggestions and solutions, voice voices that are not heard, and also support one another.

GLA is held in the form of face-to-face and online meetings. The face-to-face program runs within one week through the Girls Leadership Camp. Selected participants of GLA are entitled to participate in various activities and curriculum prepared.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, GLA will be conducted online through the GLA website, prepared meeting platforms, and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Have you followed @GLAIndonesia on Instagram and Twitter? GLA also has a Fanpage on Facebook called GLA Indonesia. There we will always update the latest information about GLA.

The three main pillars of GLA are Girls Power, Girls Unlimited, and Girls Speak Up. These three main pillars of GLA encourage girls to be themselves, explore their potential, and voice their voices.

Everyone has the right to dream of becoming a leader. Through the GLA program, girls will learn together directly from fellow girls, mentors, facilitators, and leaders.

Anyone who defines themselves as girls aged 10-24 years or equivalent to the age of junior and senior high school education can join GLA. For now, GLA, which will be held face-to-face, can only be followed by girls aged 10-19 years. However, please don’t be sad! Those who are up to 24 years old can take part in GLA online. GLA always learns and innovates. Hopefully, we can reach more age groups in the future.

You can contribute as a participant. Besides, you can contribute to being a youth mentor, voluncheer, facilitator, or collaborator.

Youth mentors are young people 20-30 years who are fully committed to the values of gender equality and inclusiveness. Youth mentors will assist participants in the learning process closely. You will be a companion sister for participants who are in the process of GLA. You can represent yourself or even represent the organization you are joining.

Voluncheers are young people aged 20-24 years who are fully committed to the values of gender equality and inclusiveness. Voluncheers, as we call it, are young people who will organize the committee of GLA both face-to-face or online. Voluncheers will be divided into various divisions, namely: events, communication and campaigns, registration and participation, and graphic design.

Facilitators are experts in several fields who are fully committed to the values of gender equality and inclusiveness. Facilitators are individuals who are willing to share their knowledge with the participants. The facilitator can represent themselves and the organization or institution where they work.

Collaborators are our allies. Anyone who is fully committed to the values of gender equality and inclusiveness can be a Collaborator. You will become collaborative friends collectively in the GLA series.

All may participate by contacting our contact at [email protected] or our social media channels.

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